Trekking in Nepal

Trekkers in Nepal are allowed to trek as FIT (Free Individual Trekker) or in a group of various sizes. However, there are certain trekking regions known as ‘Restricted Areas’ that are highly regulated by the Government of Nepal and hence FITs are strictly forbidden. Trekking in these areas is allowed only upon acquiring permit from the Department of Immigration.

Interested trekkers should contact the authorized trekking agencies who then can apply for permits (on behalf of trekkers) at the Department of Immigration fulfilling all the necessary formalities. Trekkers should be trekking in a group (of minimum two persons) accompanied by licensed trekking guide.Individual trekker cannot apply for the permit.

There are different rates (trekking Permit fees) applicable for different routes to acquire the Permits. Visit the link for detail. Permit fees are quoted in US dollars but payable in Nepali Rupees. Trekking permit is not issued beyond visa expiration date. Hence, trekkers must have valid visa for sufficient number of days covering their trekking schedule.

Conditions to be followed by Trekkers

  • Trekkers should respect local customs and traditions and must not indulge in any activity that goes against the established norms and culture of the society.
  • Individual trekking in Restricted Areas is strictly forbidden. There should be minimum two trekkers.
  • Daily remuneration, safety gears and appropriate clothes, Personal Accident insurance must be provided to Nepali citizen accompanying travel group as guide/porter/any other supporting roles.
  • Trekkers should trek only in the specified or designated route as per the Trekking Permit. They are not allowed to change route. Or concerned trekking agency/trekking guide accompanying the group must not let trekkers change the route.
  • Trekkers should comply with instructions given by authorized Officials in trekking zone (Restricted Area).
  • Mountaineers with expedition permit should get trekking permit as well if they have to pass through Restricted Areas to climb peaks. In this case, they do not need to pay fees for (Trekking) Permit.

Authorised agencies can apply for trekking permits along with following documents

  • Online application form (trekkers) Link to Trekking Permit Application
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of  valid Visa sufficient to cover trekking days
  • Name lists of trekkers
  • Program Schedule of trekking
  • Guarantee letter of Agency
  • Agreement with Agency
  • Tax clearance Certificate of Trekking Agency
  • Documents relating to insurance of the trekkers (foreign nationals) and Nepalese staff accompanying the trekkers
  • License issued by The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation to operate trekking business
  • License  issued by Nepal Rastra Bank allowing exchanging of foreign currencies
  • Program schedule of trekking
  • Registration Certificate of Permanent Account Number
  • Voucher of Bank payment (fees) for permits

Source : Department of Immigration 

District Regions/VDCs Permit Fee (USD) / Equivalent
Taplejung District


Kanchanjunga Region

(Olangchung Gola, Lelep, Papung and Yamphudin VDCs)


US$ 10 per person/Week (for the first 4 weeks)

US$ 20 per person/Week (beyond  4 weeks)




Kimathanka, Chepuwa, Hatiya and Pawakhola VDCs US$ 10 per person / Week ( for the first 4 weeks)

US$ 20 per person / Week ( Beyond  4 weeks)


Solukhumbu All the North West Regions of Chame (Namche VDC ) to Nangpala US$ 10 per person/Week (for the first 4 weeks)

US$ 20 per person/Week (beyond  4 weeks)


Dolakha Lamabagar Ward No.1 (Lepche)

Gaurishanker Ward No. 1 (Beding  9 and Chhorolpa lake) area

US$ 10 per person /Week


Rasuwa District Thuman and Timure Region US$ 10 per person /Week


Gorkha District Manaslu Region (Lho, Samagaun, Prok, Bihi) September – November

US$70/per person/Week (for a week or 7 days)

US$10/per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7 days)


December – August

US$50 per person/Week (for a week)

US$ 7 per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7days)


Gorkha District Tsum Valley of Gorkha District


Areas of Chhekampar and Chunchet VDCs (Sirdibas-Lokpa-Chumling-Chhhekampar- Nile-Chhule Area)

September – November

US$ 35 per person / 8 days


December – August

US$25 per person / 8 days


Manang Thoche (North of Tilche village), Na, Phu VDCs September – November

US$90 per person /Week

December – August

US$ 75 per person /Week


Mustang Lhomanthang, Charang, Chhondup,Chhotsher, Surkhang, Ghami, Chhusang, Sangdagaun of Kagbeni VDC and way to Tilicho lake (Jomsom VDC) US$500 per person  (for the first 10 days)

US$ 50 per person /Day  ( beyond 10 days)

Dolpa Upper Dolpa

Bhijer, Saldang, Tinze, Chharka and Mukot

US$500 per person  (for the first 10 days)

US$ 50 per person /Day  ( beyond 10 days)

Dolpa Lower Dolpa

All other 18 VDCs (out of 23) of Dolpa District

US$ 10 per person /Week
Mugu Mugu , Dolpu, Pulu, Bhangri US$90 per person (for the first 7 days or a week)

US$15 per person /Day ( beyond 7 days)


Humla Simikot , Yari ,Limi  and Muchu  VDCs ,

Regions of Dharma VDC ( way to Tibet via Tangekhola)

US$50 per person (for the first 7 days or a week)


US$ 7 per person/Day (( beyond a week or 7 days)



Areas  of  Kanda, Saipal and  Dhuli VDCs US$ 90 per person ( For a week or seven days)

US$ 15 per person/Day ( Beyond a week or seven days)




 Areas of  Byas VDC US$ 90 per person ( For a week or seven days)

US$ 15 per person/Day ( Beyond a week or seven days)

Source : Department of Immigration