Tootle; Easy Motorbike Ride in Katmandu!

Tootle is one of the easiest and possibly the cheapest and fastest means of commuting in Kathmandu. All you have to do is request a ride via their app and someone nearby will pick you up in their motorcycle. The charges are minimum compared to a Taxi or other services. However, tootle is feasible only for a solo traveler within the city.

How does it work? First thing first download the app (link below)

Open the app and make registrations and all other formalities.

Turn your location Services on & Set Pick Up [Eg. Dillibazar]

Then type in where you want to go [SET DROP, Eg : Genesis Café]

You Location is shown along with the Price (Rs. 72) & KM (3.7)

When someone accepts your ride; you’ll get notified that someone accepted your ride. You will receive a call after the ride has been picked or you may also choose to call him/her. Please note that rider accepting your ride might take some time depending upon the availability of riders nearby.

You can also choose to become a partner – meaning You can offer rides to others and earn some money.

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