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Get your Smart Card license printed in 3 days (Nepal)

Did you know you can get your license printed in 3 days in Nepal if you are traveling abroad? Well, if you are going abroad and have a valid visa and tickets, you can get your license printed in three days. All you have to do is fill up some basic forms online, and you can get your license. Make sure to have a scanned copy of your citizenship, passport, license, air tickets, visa, etc.

1. Renew your license:
Before applying for the Smart Card license, make sure you have made the application to get your license renewed. It can be done at any DOTM office. You must have the payment receipt from the respective DOTM office for renewal.

Here is a complete procedure on how you can renew your License in Nepal.

2. Applicant Registration:First things first, you need to visit the official Department of Transport Management website and register. Fill up your basic details.

Applicant Registration

3. Fill up the Details:After the registration is complete, you will be taken to the application portal. Here you will be required to fill in personal details, address, citizenship details, passport details, and license details.

DOTM Fill up the details

4. Fill up Urgent Smart Card Printing:
Please note, that you must complete step 2 to get the option of “Urgent Smart Card Printing.” Without completing the details, you will not see this option. Anyway, complete the smart card printing option. You will require documents such as your visa, ticket, and scanned passport copy. For students, the requirements are different.

Fill up Urgent Smart Card Printing

5. Approval of Smart Card:
After completing the form, wait a few hours (or the next day), and check if you get a notification saying, “Your Urgent Smart-Card Urgent print request has been approved.” If you see this message, that means your card will be printed in the next 3 days. You will only need to visit the DOTM.

Approval Smart Card

6. Print the Form:
Visit the office of DOTM in Minbhawan with your old license and renewal receipt. And you will be able to get your license.

Applicant Portal __ Online Driving Lice... __ Department of Tran

Regardless of where you have applied to renew your license, you will need to visit the DOTM office at Minbhawan to get your license. For instance, if you had applied to renew your license at Ekantakna, still, you will still get your printed license at Minbhawan.

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