Everest – The Summit Climb

Mt. Everest. Step by step, raw and unfiltered. Experience the final push to the top of the world.

An excerpt from the summit blog:

“The climb from the deceased climber at 8500m to the south summit is the most difficult section for me. I feel dead inside, lifeless from having witnessed such a tragedy. I allow myself to live emotionally in the moment for about 30 minutes before cutting it all off and reminding myself that I can end up like him if I don’t smarten up. So I continue climbing, struggling to pull my weight up the steep, jagged rocks beneath the south summit.

I can feel my body slowly shutting down. The weight of my tripod, two cameras, all of my batteries, including my oxygen, has taken its toll on me. I have been revving at 120% for the past 10 hours and I’m almost out of gas. I am the first to arrive to the south summit and recognize that we have the mountain to ourselves. I mentally devour the sheer beauty of the wind howling and racing across the summit. The tallest peak on Earth is but a few metres away. I am completely alone making my way toward the Hillary Step. I haul myself up with a 2400m drop beneath me, camera around my neck, oxygen tank flowing at four litres a minute and I wait for the team to arrive. So often dozens freeze and turn back and here I am just hanging out on top of the step waiting to capture this unique shot.”

Source: eliasaikaly