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Everest – The Summit Climb

Mt. Everest. Step by step, raw and unfiltered. Experience the final push to the top of the world. An excerpt from the summit blog: “The climb from the deceased climber at 8500m to the south summit is the most difficult section for me. I feel dead inside, lifeless from having witnessed such a tragedy. I […]

Best in Asia; The Asian Destinations you should see now

Do you guys know that Nepal has been listed as one of the Asia’s best destination for 2018 ! According to Public Relations & Communications Manager for Asia Pacific, Laura Hamilton, the list is an agenda-setting collection of the continent’s ten best destinations to visit in the year ahead. “For decades, Lumbini was somewhere travellers […]


Entry fees must be paid to enter Heritage Sites, museums etc. at the entry point. Please refer to the table below for details about payment. Please note that the information below is as per the information provided by the concerned department. Any difference or discrepancy could be reported at [email protected] . Updates will be made […]

Trekking in Nepal

Trekkers in Nepal are allowed to trek as FIT (Free Individual Trekker) or in a group of various sizes. However, there are certain trekking regions known as ‘Restricted Areas’ that are highly regulated by the Government of Nepal and hence FITs are strictly forbidden. Trekking in these areas is allowed only upon acquiring permit from […]

Tootle; Easy Motorbike Ride in Katmandu!

Tootle is one of the easiest and possibly the cheapest and fastest means of commuting in Kathmandu. All you have to do is request a ride via their app and someone nearby will pick you up in their motorcycle. The charges are minimum compared to a Taxi or other services. However, tootle is feasible only […]

Earthquake – Long Term Support

Our team are currently working on the long term support understanding that this is one of the most essential requirements now.  We wanted to work on the locations where relief had not reached and on the working areas which is very important. We, together, decided to support in rebuilding a school which, we believe, in […]

Earthquake – a little from us

Undoubtedly, the devastating earthquake of 25.04.2015 has done lots of damage in Nepal with thousands of life lost and billions worth of properties destroyed.  In order to overcome this tragic, everyone is working in their best possible ways to help and support each others to rebuild Nepal. We, the team of BikerzAus Nepal & Direction […]