Sarathi – Taxi Service in Kathmandu!

If you have stayed in Nepal, then you must be aware of how Taxis operate here. Unfortunately, some to many cabs do not take to your destination on a fair meter, instead they ask for certain amount which is quite discomforting as you do not know if it’s a right price or overpriced. Thus, Sarathi Cab can be of your help – they run on a fair meter and even give you a receipt.

Sarathi Taxi Service offers a great service, they come pick you up and drop your at your destination and on a very fair price, even during night hours. The cab operates 24/7. However, due to the high demands and limited supply you might have to wait 45 min – 1 hour to get a Sarathi Cab, depending on their availability. This means if anyone needs a taxi promptly chances are rare that you’d get a Sarathi Taxi. But during night hours this Taxi service can be quite useful. Give it a try!

To Book a Sarathi Taxi all you have to do is call at the following number(s) and give you name, number, pick up location and drop of destination. They will let you know the wait time [you can then decide accordingly if you’d want to wait or get other Taxis]. Once confirmed the Driver from the Cab will call you as the approach the destination.

Contact Number to Book a Sarathi : 9810100600 / 014217171

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