What, Why & How – Google Shorten URL?!

If you guys have noticed almost all the posts on Direction Kathmandu facebook has a detailed link at the bottom which starts with goo.gl/xxxxxx. We always shorten our URL not just to make it neat and short but also to analyze and understand if our posts have been clicked or not, or from where it has been clicked and how many times etc. These shorten URLs are something very basic yet extremely useful and gives the team DKTM to analyze their posts and use the information accordingly.

Google Shortened URL can be used for any URLs and will help you find (instantly) if the link has been clicked or not.  And it’s not at all difficult to use; kindly follow the following instructions and starting making your URLs more useful.

STEP I:  Go to goo.gl; you may paste the LONG URL and get the short URL after entering the CAPTCHA. However, we recommend to SIGN IN with your GMAIL account – makes it easy (No Captcha entering required and you can see the whole links)

STEP II: After signing from your Gmail Account, Simply copy paste the long URL and get the Short URL.

STEP III: Analyze – click on Details and you can have all the analytic you want.