What is torrent?  

Don’t have the exact description what is it all about but it sure is some ways to get loads of apps/software/movies for free…may not be legal outside Nepal not sure about here..but many users use it anyway. We will give you brief instructions but use at your own risk..and there might be possibilities of getting virus as well depends on the files though.

Step I : First thing first..simply download an application named utorrent from here (Download the free version unless you want to pay 🙂 and install it on your PC.

Step II : its simple now; go to this link and search for what you want to download (please note that there are loads and loads of other sites where you can search torrent files; Google it please.) In this example we searched for PK Hindi movie and here’s the result:

Step III : Choose which has high peers/ size etc…Then click on it…and select which will take you to this page.

Step IV : You can choose any (here I chose monova.org)

Step V : Open that file (.torrent) and download the movie.