Scheduling Post(s) on Facebook!

You can create a post(S) and schedule it to a particular date and time to appear on the facebook later. At the moment FB allows to schedule posts for up to 6 months in advance with a time interval of 10 minutes. This is not a NEW Feature but still many do not know about this.

Best for FACEBOOK FAN PAGES: It’s obvious; we cannot be online every time to post on our pages. And at the same time it’s not a good idea to post everything all in once (it fills the user’s wall and annoys them). So the best thing is to schedule a date/time, maintain certain interval, schedule and post 🙂

How to schedule Post on Facebook:

Instructions: Go to your FB page, Type status (or post an image or video); click on small drop down icon next to post then to schedule post; choose a date/time and Schedule. For some strange reason the timing is shown as GMT +5.50 (should have been GMT+5:45 for Nepal) please check (or else you might have to post in an earlier date to post it exact on the time you want).