Now there’s an “undo send” feature for your Gmail

This is quite a nice feature that Google has recently added in your Gmail account. You can now undo/cancel the email that you have mistakenly sent. Users of Gmail have the option to cancel the sent email within 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds – depending what you choose in your settings. By default this feature is disabled but following the instructions below you can easily enable it.

Step I
Open your Gmail account and go to the settings
Google Undo Message

Step II
Tick on ‘Enable undo Send’ and choose your preferred cancellation period. Save Changes and you are done 🙂
Google Undo Message2

When an email is sent, the following option will display; you can choose to UNDO (which will cancel the email and will open as a draft) or just leave it (message will be sent after 5 to 30 seconds depends what you chose on your settings).

Google Undo Message4

However, if you move to other pages like by hitting the Back button or clicking to the inbox or sent folder the email will be sent immediately despite your cancellation period.