LICENSE: Getting a new one or Adding a category

Unfortunately, getting a driving license in Nepal is not that not because of the test or trial but the whole procedures is real frustrating; waking up early, queuing up for hours and hours, waiting for a long long time etc are some of the highlights. Anyway, here is the brief summary of adding a category to your license (getting a new one is also the same)

If you are planning to apply for a Category B (Car, Jeep, Van) license the trial test may take up to 3 weeks, however written test will be on the next day. So read the books, pass the written test and practice for the trial (please check this link to get an idea when your trial is going to happen). For motorbikes however, you don’t’ have to wait long, the next day after you pass the written test (provided no public holidays).


1. Go to the Transport Management Office, Ekantakuna and get the forms (Application form + Medical form). We went a day ahead and had all these documents made ready before submitting the application, however, you can fill up the form in the same day (they charge Rs. 50 then) and you will have to wait till the Medical check-up opens (normally at 8:00AM). Documents required while submitting: Application form, medical form, Citizenship copy + original, 3 photos, License copy and original (if adding category), Rs. 200 application fee, driving certificate (if applying for a car)

2. The next day, reach the Transport Management office at 5:00 am (or earlier and seriously). The office opens at 6:30 am (Yup so you can finish all the form submission by 9am). The reason why you need to get early: Only 100 (sometimes 200) applications are received in a day for cars (B category) so if you plan to go late you may miss it out that day. For motorbikes it’s 800 per day (not so sure though – so better be early). If you are applying for Car avoid Wednesday (think that day is allocated for Motorbikes). And all scooty applications go on Sunday (Car applicants can also go on Sunday)

3. You can figure it out where to stand in the line, where to pay the Exam fee (which is Rs. 200) and where to get the forms and admit card (the crowd will easily let you know).

4. Normally Written test follows the next day when you submitted the form (provided there’s no public holidays in between) i.e. if you submit your form on Sunday your written test will be on Monday. The trial however, can take some time especially for Cars.

5. Again we strongly suggest you go as early as possible for written test (6:30 am) will be good. The test will start at 7:00am and takes 50 people (I think) at a time. The time for written test is approx 15 min. You will need to take Citizenship, Exam fee receipt and your admit card (admit card – they will take it there)

6. Written test: 2 subjective and 18 objectives; to pass you will have to at least give 1 correct for Subjective and 9 from objective.

7. While you are waiting on the Line, some kids come in and offer you that they will call you when the results of written tests are published (normally they publish at around 7PM the same day) for Rs. 30 – it’s up to you. However, we don’t recommend that because you can see the result online here.

8. After you pass the written test, you will have to appear and pass the trial. Normally motorbikes /scooty trial happens the next day, whereas for Car it can take up to 3-4 weeks (check this link and make you estimation – read the notice part)

9. Trial Day: Car trial happens in National Trading, whereas for bikes it’s Baneshwor . Again reach there by 6:30 – 7am especially for cars as they only take limited trial tests. If you pass the test, you will get your Admit card back if not you get back home.

10. After you pass Trial Exam, you will require to go to Transport management office after a week, take 2 photos (auto and passport), glue stick, pen, stamp (available there but just in case), photocopy of your citizenship, photocopy of your license (if you are adding up category), admit card and again stay on the line (Submit you Admit card, Check the printed Card, attach photo, and then you will get your license). PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL THE CONTENT IN YOUR LICENSE IS RIGHT – they make hell loads of mistakes.

Note: These instructions are based on personal experience (16th Chaitra 2071); Steps, requirements may change in the future. If there is any mistake please rectify and help others, we, however, do not take any liabilities for errors.

These guys are waiting for their written test; Trust me it’s pretty long!