Easiest way of creating a writable PDF

Of course there are many! Creating a simple writable pdf can be a little pain especially when you don’t have an Adobe Writer – purchasing it can be expensive and downloading via torrent can be illegal. So let’s do it in the legal way and in the simplest procedures possible.

Step I
Create a Normal PDF file (which you want to make it Writable). All pdf works no matter you made it from documents or excel or anything. You may also create the pdf online but we find it easy editing online rather making there a new one.

Step II
Go to http://www.pdfescape.com/ and click on “Edit Your Pdf Now”

Step III
Click on “Continue to PDFescape” (it’s free so has some limitations). You may download the desktop PDF editor too

Step IV
Click on Upload PDF to PDFescape >> choose the PDF file and Upload!

Step V
Click on FORM FIELD >> choose Text >> and simple take your mouse cursor to the space you want to make it EDITABLE (the light green colour is the one which we want the final PDF file be writable)
Note: FORM FIELD has various options >> you can also have a tick box, or dropdown etc

Step VI
After you are done simple click on SAVE & DOWNLOAD PDF (at the extreme left)

Step VII
You will get the writable pdf 🙂 Njoy !