YouTube removes controversial BBC documentary (with documentary)

After the government asked video sharing website YouTube to remove the controversial BBC documentary on Delhi gangrape, the latter has removed some of the uploaded videos. Despite the government’s protest, BBC went ahead and released the documentary on Wednesday night in the UK and also uploaded it on the YouTube.

According to sources, Communications and IT Ministry has told Youtube that the issue is very sensitive and it should review its position on the matter, and remove it from the website. “While we believe that access to information is the foundation of a free society, and that services like YouTube help people express themselves and share different points of view, we continue to remove content that is illegal or violates our community guidelines, once notified,” said a YouTube spokesperson.

The law requires YouTube to be notified of the content that is illegal. And law enforcement agencies are required to notify Intermediaries with specific URLs to be taken down. A message on a specific video that the content has been blocked due to court order, then it means action has been taken.

This comes against the backdrop of government examining options on whether to take legal action against BBC after it went ahead and aired the documentary in the UK. BBC aired the documentary, containing the controversial interview of a convict in the December 16 gangrape despite the Home Ministry asking the news organisation not to do so.

A Delhi court in its order restrained airing or broadcasting the interview of the convict Mukesh Singh, which was conducted inside the Tihar jail here, till further orders. BBC today conveyed to the government that it has no plans to telecast the film in India in compliance with the directive

Source: Republica