Youth vow effective engagement in reconstruction drive

Youth vow effective engagement in reconstruction drive

Hundreds of young people have expressed commitment towards lending helping hand to the government on its reconstruction campaign in the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquakes.

Such commitment for the rehabilitation and reconstruction have come during a rally organized by National Youth Alliance for Reconstruction (NYAR) in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and a dozen other youth organizations on the eve of the International Youth Day (IYD) that is being observed on Wednesday.

Around 700 youth participated in the rally which was organized in the capital to seek solidarity and support of the young generation in the country’s reconstruction drive.

“In line with the international theme of ‘Youth Civic Engagement’, as well as our national priority of reconstruction and recovery, we have organized this rally to seek the government’s support in engaging youth in the national reconstruction drive,” said Narendra Khatiwada, coordinator of NYAR. “We believe that youth civic engagement in the reconstruction will ensure transparency and success of such efforts,” added Khatiwada, who is also the chairman of Youth Advocacy Nepal.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sundar Bahadur Seni, who is practicing law, was one of the participants in the rally. “I worked as a psychological counselor for the earthquake survivors. Likewise, we also helped people in many villages to raise support to rebuild their houses brought down by the earthquake,” he told Republica after the rally ended. He further shared that he was there to explore and discuss ideas with like-minded youth as to how he can contribute in the long-term reconstruction work.

Dikshya Shrestha, 20-year-old student at K&K College, echoed Seni’s voice. “I have come here along with 60 of my classmates and it’s to showcase the unity of young people and send the message that we’re ready to shoulder part of the responsibility of the huge reconstruction campaign,” she said, while her friends nodded in consensus.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the rally, political leaders said that youngsters should be provided meaningful roles and responsibilities for rebuilding the country in a better way. “It’s now the responsibility of the youth to erect back the structures crumbled by the earthquake,” said Prakash Jwala, a lawmaker and leader of CPN-UML. “Many young people are out of the country for various reasons. The government should create an environment to encourage them to return and engage them in the reconstruction process,” he added.

Ramhari Khatiwada, a lawmaker from Nepali Congress, said that youth have ideas and skills to make better plans for the country’s rebuilding process, and they should be properly channelized.

Source: MyRepublica