Your smartphone battery maybe spying you

Your smartphone battery maybe spying you

Smartphone batteries could be the new privacy risk if a new research is to be gone by. It has now come to light that phone batteries can aid spies in tracking users’ whereabouts based on the websites they visit. Private information sent by these ‘rogue’ batteries can help miscreants identify phone owners as well as track them around the internet.

It doesn’t matter if the user has the most careful privacy precautions in place which adds to the seriousness of the issue.

Miscreants are taking advantage of the same software in HTML5 that tells websites how much battery is left in a users’ phone to track their moves. According to the research, the same technology that allows websites to help preserve battery life when the users’ phone is running low on juice can be used to identify them as they sift through the internet.

The fact that websites don’t require users’ permission to view their phones’ battery mark means every phone will respond to the request giving away information. All this is done without users’ knowledge.

While using VPNs or going incognito may seem safe options to maintain your privacy, there’s no way to get around the security problems in the battery software, says the study.

Source: MyRepublica