YFN organizes half-necked rally as a pressure program

The Youth Federation Nepal (YFN) organised a half-naked rally Saturday as a pressure program for the timely promulgation of the constitution.

The rally begun from the YFN office, Bijulibazaar, converged into a corner meeting after reaching at New Baneshwar.

Youths chanted slogans as “Promulgate constitution on January 22”, “Respect people´s vote´ and “Be aware of 601”, among others.

On the occasion, YFN General Secretary Rajeev Pahadi said that the UCPN (Maoist) and Madhes-based political parties should not dampen people´s aspirations and vote, saying the promise made by political parties during CA election before the people to promulgate the new constitution on January 22 should be addressed.

Pahadi stressed on the need of promulgating the new constitution on the slated time even through voting process if consensus eluded on the disputed issues of the new constitution by respecting the people´s vote.

The YFN has announced different promgrammes to exert pressure on the political parties for the promulgation of new constitution on time. RSS

Source: Republica