Year 2072 must see new statute: CA chair

As New Year-2072 BS is just round the corner, Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subas Nembang has said the coming year mustn’t end without delivering new constitution.

Stating that the CA and the major political parties have already missed the one-year deadline to deliver new statute, Nembang said the CA’s extended tenure shouldn’t exceed the original tenure of one year.

Though the CA’s tenure in the Interim Constitution has four years, the CA-II itself had originally set its deadline to promulgate new statute for a year that expired on January 22. It was set based on the joint commitment of major political parties.

“We have to draft new constitution as soon as possible. The coming year mustn’t end without delivering the new statute,” Nembang told a group of journalists at his chamber at Singha durbar on Sunday. “Extended tenure for any institution mustn’t exceed the original tenure given for it.”

He reiterated that the major political parties must find a solution through one of the two ways. “Either, they have to finalize the contents of new constitution in political understanding or they have to agree to settle the disputes based on the CA regulations [majority voting],” he said.

He was of the view that the constitution-making process would move ahead more smoothly if the parties adopted consensus course.

Officials at the CA secretariat informed that Nembang is not for preparing a detail calendar of events to carry out the task of constitution making in the days to come.

“He is for setting timeline for immediate task and fixing another deadline for the next stage,” said the official.

The CA chairman’s indication to take one more year to produce new constitution has come at a time when some of the key leaders from major political parties have claimed to deliver new constitution by Republic Day in May-end.

According to officials, Nembang said so as he wants to give sufficient time to go to public for seeking feedback on the first draft and not to remove basic procedures so that no question would be raised with regard to its drafting task in future.

Source: Myrepublica