Writ at SC seeks end to surrogacy practice

A writ petition has been filed at the Supreme Court demanding an end to surrogacy practice citing the increasing trend of leasing poverty-stricken woman’s womb to give birth to a child of an infertile woman.

The write petition registered by advocate Pushpa Raj Pandey mentions that Nepal does not have a law regarding surrogacy and that hospitals cannot be allowed to run human trafficking like industry to produce babies in an artificial and illegal manner.

The Secretariat of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Health and Population, Grande City Clinic and Diagnostic Centre, OM Hospital and the Venus Hospital have been mentioned as the defendants in the petition. The writ petition further states that foreign dealers charge Rs 10 million for finding a woman willing to become a surrogate, the hospitals charge Rs 4 million for the rendering the service while the surrogate mother herself is provided only Rs 300,000 to 400,000.

“It is nothing short of crossing the limit of irresponsibility that a poverty-stricken woman without proper knowledge, without job, with low social standing is allured and compelled with prospect of making money by taking advantage of the open border and that the government collaborates in such service,” it is stated in the petition.

It further slams the decision taken by the Health Ministry in line with the policy level decision of the Council of Ministers to run and allow the illegal service for fulfilling the necessity of Nepali couple having problem with fertility.

The petitioner has said that the decision had turned Nepal into a breeding ground for children’s trafficking, selling and purchase and production.

The petition demands revoking the cabinet’s decision for agreement in principle for operating surrogacy service and the court order for making the service effective by introducing a law. RSS

Source: MyRepublica