World war fighter obtains citizenship certificate copy

Brave warrior Chandra Singh Gurung, who fought the Second World War, has obtained certified copy of the citizenship from Nawalparasi District Administration Office.

109-year-old Gurung, a local of Narsahi-4, Nawalparasi received the carbon copy of the citizenship certificate.
He had reached up to Iraq in course of the World War.

Gurung said he needed the certified citizenship copy to hand over property share to his daughter-in-law who has long been giving care to him and for other works as well.

Gurung, who had a victory over death in the World War, said it is the god grace to have a life more than 100 years. People are surprised to see him with enthusiasm and physical power at this age.

He has the experience of working with British Army, Indian Army and Railway Service.

However, he expressed his complaint that the state has not paid due respect to his bravery through which he familiarized Nepal in the international arena. RSS

Source: MyRepublica