Woman set on fire after ‘murder’ in Palpa

Woman set on fire after ‘murder’ in Palpa

In what we call gruesome manner a woman has been set ablaze after killing her apparently to hide evidences in her own house in Palpa district.

50-year-old Dibya Kumari Darjee of Baughagumha-3, Chherlung, who had been living a single life, was found dead on Wednesday evening.

According to DSP Suman Kumar Timalsina, Chief of Palpa District Police Office, the body of the deceased has been partially burnt and covered by a blanket. There are stains of blood scattering around the incident site.

Timalsina said police have started investigation into the case as it appears mysterious.

Darjee had been living a single life after she married off her two daughters and her husband was found dead in a field last year.

Police said the body seems to have been covered with a blanket after killing and set on fire to hide evidences.

Source: MyRepublica