Woman delivers boy at hospital premises and runs away

MAHENDRANAGAR: A woman ran away after giving birth to a male child at the Mahakali Zonal Hospital premises in Mahendranagar on Wednesday afternoon.

Nursing Officer Indudhir Paudel of the Hospital said the woman delivered the child on an open ground near restroom of the hospital, some 100 metres away from the emergency ward at around 2 pm today.

Health professionals had found the newborn after he cried a few minutes later.

According to Paudel, the infant weighing 2.7 kg is in normal health condition.

His head, however, was covered with ants while he was rescued, Paudel added.

A staffer at the emergency ward said a woman who was admitted at the ward had not returned from the toilet. Staff have hence suspected that the very woman left the infant in the lurch.

Police said they are searching the absconding mother.

Police have suspected that the woman left her boy as he might have taken birth as a result of the mother’s illicit relationship.

Source: THT