WFP to submit written clarification

WFP to submit written clarification

World Food Program (WFP) has said that it is preparing to submit written clarification to the government on the controversy over rotten yellow split peas stored in the go-down of WFP in Banke district.

On June 26, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DoFTQC) had sought written clarification from the WFP on why the rotten split peas were kept at the WFP warehouse in Khujura of Banke district.

Though WFP officials had given verbal clarification to the department, they are yet to furnish their explanations in writing. “We are preparing a written clarification. We will submit the written clarification within two days,” said Ramji Dahal, communications officer at WFP.

Dahal informed that officers of WFP met DoFTQC director general on July 2 and clarified that the rotten yellow split peas were not meant for earthquake victims. “They explained that rotten peas were immediately separated and the good ones were stored separately in another go-down,” said he.

National Disaster Management Monitoring Committee of the parliament found 542 tons of substandard pulses at World Food Program (WFP) go-down in Khujura of Banke district last month.

Source: MYrepublica