Westerly wind brings cloudy weather, improvement forecast from Thursday

The development of a low-pressure belt in the upper atmosphere has brought the latest weather change throughout the country.

According to the Weather Forecasting Division, the cloudy condition and rainfall across the country is due to the influence of the Westerly wind coupled with the development of the low-pressure in the upper atmosphere, which is gradually progressing towards the east from the west of the country.

Meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal told RSS that normal rainfall has occurred along with overcast skies throughout the country as the Westerlies were gradually progressing eastwards from the central part of the country.

He said, Jumla received the highest rainfall of 15 millimetres and Kathmandu with the lowest at 0.4 millimetres while some other parts of the country received traces. Intermittent rain occurred across the country including in the Kathmandu Valley since Tuesday night coupled with cloudy condition.

“The western part is fully covered by cloud while the central and eastern part is partly cloudy. There is chances of the western and central parts receiving rainfall towards the evening also. The latest weather system is expected to gradually clear up from Thursday afternoon starting from the western parts and moving towards the central parts. The weather will fully clear up only from Friday evening,” Aryal said.

The high mountainous region has received snowfall along with rainfall, the Division stated, adding that snowfall will take place in the high mountain region tonight too.

The maximum temperature in Kathmandu today dipped to 13 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was seven degrees Celsius. The weather was chilly throughout the country including in Kathmandu Valley today. RSS

Source: MyRepublica