Weather to clear in two days

Weather to clear in two days

While light to moderate rainfall has been observed across the country for a few days, the ongoing sporadic rain is likely to continue until Tuesday, according to weather experts.

Barun Paudel, meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MDF) of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), explained the weather condition as the result of a monsoon trough that has now shifted to the Nepal side.
Monsoon trough is the state of inter-tropical convergence and formation of low atmospheric pressure above the Ganga river. Rainfall activity is most likely near these low atmospheric pressure areas.

“Monsoon rainfall is gaining momentum across the country. Besides other regions, the Central and Mid-Western Regions have been experiencing the sporadic rainfall. Our forecast is that the trough will remain on the Nepal side for at least two more days,” said Paudel.

As per the MFD report, the heaviest rainfall on August 2 has been recorded in Dang district with 51 mm of rain. Kathmandu is in second place with 31 mm and Dadeldhura is third with 20 mm, followed by Okhaldhunga with 19 mm.

Nearly two months have elapsed since the onset of the monsoon in Nepal and the rainfall recorded has been far below normal. MFD expects 1,400 mm of rainfall for the whole monsoon season that usually kicks off from the second week of June.

According to Paudel, only 60 to 70 percent of the total monsoon rainfall has been recorded so far.

“We are experiencing a weak monsoon this year. Although July is considered the wettest month of the year, the rains have let us down, especially the farmers among us, who depend solely on rain water for cultivation,” added Paneru.

Experts blamce the formation of the El Nino effect above the Pacific Ocean for the weak monsoon surge in South Asia.

Source: MyRepublica