Water level at highest point of year in Saptakoshi

BIRATNAGAR: Water level in the Saptakoshi River rose to the highest point of this year on Monday due to the incessant rainfall continued for last few days in hilly regions of eastern Nepal. 

According to authorities, the water flow rate is recorded 230,385 cube feet per second (cusec) on Monday. 

Local administrative bodies have maintained high alert to combat possible disasters. 

According to the Regional Administrator Mahashram Sharma, authorities and security personnel in Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur districts have been kept stand-by for rescue operations. 

Water level at 150,000 cusec is considered dangerous for the River. 

Meanwhile, 30 of the 56 doors of the Koshi barrage were opened on Monday after high flow of water. The doors are controlled by the Bihar Government of India. 

Thousands of hectares of lands in Sunsari district were inundated by the Koshi flood in 2008. The water flow rate was recorded at 168,000 cusec that year. 

Properties worth million rupees were washed away by floodwater.

Source: THT