Water crisis after water supply pipes burnt in wildfire

Residents of Mangaltar have been reeling under drinking water crisis after water supply pipes were burnt in wildfire.

Drinking water is now not available in ward nos-4,5,6 and 7 after wildfire in Golithumka jungle burnt down the pipes supplying water to the residents in the wards. More than 200 households of Mangaltar have been deprived of drinking water since the incident took place on May 8, said Chair of Drinking Water Users Committee Yubaraj Alemagar.

As a result, the residents have been forced to travel hours to fetch water from natural water sources. The locals have reported the incident to the district administration and the drinking water and cleanliness sub-division in Khotang but so far no initiative has been taken to resolve the problem.

Meanwhile, sources say that it was the local shepherds who put the jungle into fire, with the belief that it would lead to growing of fresh fodder from their cattle.

The two-day long wildfire has reportedly burnt to ashes precious herbs and trees worth millions of rupees. RSS

Source: Nepalnews