Wasted beau pushes woman to death ‘for questioning virility’


Questioning virility of her casual sex partner — both in an intoxicated state — cost one woman her life here in the capital.

Identified as 35-year-old Jyotsna Tamang of Darjeeling, the woman fell to her death after her beau pushed her from the bathroom’s window of her apartment at the third floor of a building in Pragati Tol of Dhumbarahi, as she, in a drunken stupor, nagged him for failing to satisfy her on Tuesday midnight, police said.

A seminude Tamang’s body was found lying face upward and drenched in a pool of blood in the road at around 5 am this morning. Subsequently, the suspect, 38-year-old Pritam Manandhar of Maitidevi, was arrested from Tamang’s bedroom.

Manandhar runs a restaurant at Bhatbhateni and he had befriended Tamang — through her business partner, identified as Ranju Thapa — during her visit to his restaurant two months ago, according to police.

During preliminary investigation, it has been revealed that their acquaintance had developed into sexual relationship and Manandhar used to stay over at Tamang’s apartment once a week.

Yesterday evening also, police said, Manandhar had visited Tamang, and they had drunk together with one Pabitra Limbu, Tamang’s friend.

After a binge drinking in the living room, Manadhar and Tamang went to her bedroom to have an intimate time while Limbu retired to another room after 00:30 am.

Manadhar told police that they had sexual intercourse in her bedroom before getting out again to the living room. A totally intoxicated Tamang then went to the bathroom and invited the beau, equally wasted, too to come – apparently in order to get indulged in sexual activities.

But her move proved out to be counterproductive – a fight broke out between them as Tamang started nagging him by asking if he had another girl friend and why he could not satisfy her.

During hand-to-hand struggle, he pushed the woman down from the window and went to her bedroom to sleep.

“When Pabitra Limbu woke up in the morning at around 5 and did not see her friend around, she asked Manandhar where she had gone,” police said. He, instead, told her that he did not know.

After Tamang’s body was discovered outside the building in the road, Manandhar was taken in custody and interrogated by the Metropolitan Police Crime Division.

He has now been sent to the Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj for further investigation and action as prime suspect in the case, the MPCD said.

Source: THT