Wasn’t harassed by Minister Parajuli, says woman

Wasn’t harassed by Minister Parajuli, says woman

The woman, who apparently tried to escape from the embrace of former Agriculture Minister Hari Prasad Parajuli in the so-called disgraceful pictures of the Ashar Pandra celebration, has slammed the media and women rights activists for blowing the incident out of proportions.

Organising a press conference at Lalitpur -based Department of Agriculture on Thursday, 70-year-old Sanu KC said the incident was spontaneous and the minister was only receiving blessings from her. He did not misbehave with me in any manner whatsoever, she said adding that the journalists took such pictures to create unnecessary hype.

Earlier, images and videos of ex-minister Parajuli where he seemed to physically misbehave with female participants during a paddy plantation programme in Mulpani, Kathmandu, went viral prompting huge criticism from media, lawmakers and leaders from his own party CPN-UML.

In the wake of widespread denunciation, Parajuli tendered his resignation from the position of agriculture minister to the Prime Minister on Thursday.

“I am deeply troubled by the incident. I am 70 years old. Misleading information about Parajuli’s alleged unbecoming behaviour towards me was publicised,” KC blamed journalists. She also attacked women rights activists for sensationalising the issue for dollars.

“I am humiliated in front of my relatives,” KC lamented. “Media hampered my dignity and not the minister.”

Source: eKantipur