Wage committee revises minimum pay for journ

The Minimum Wage Fixation Committee on Sunday submitted a report to the government revising the existing minimum wages of journalists and media workers.

As part of its responsibility mentioned in the Working Journalists Act, 2051 (1993), the committee had formed a subcommittee to review the minimum remuneration of journalists fixed in 2011. A report was prepared after six months of study and consultation with stakeholders.

Chairman of the committee Khem Bhandari presented the report to Minister for Information and Communications, Minendra Rijal, at a programme organised at the Ministry today.

As per the revised rate, minimum remuneration of the journalists working in ‘A’ grade media sector has been fixed at Rs 19,500 while the remuneration of other workers has been fixed at Rs 14,400.

Likewise, other media houses will have to pay a minimum of Rs 14,100 to its journalists and Rs 12,500 to other staffers.

The report has recommended an additional Rs 1,000 to the journalists of state owned media and Rs 500 to those of private sectors as communication allowance every month.

The committee has also suggested the government to ensure timely payment of salary and allowances to media workers, among other issues.

The committee has taken a special consideration to scientific, subjective and participatory approach while fixing the minimum remuneration.

The gross inflation since 2011 and Living Standard Survey published by the Central Bureau of Statistics have been taken as the basis for wage fixation.

The report was prepared after monitoring carried out at all the televisions, broadsheet newspapers and 21 radio stations in the Kathmandu Valley and incorporating the views and suggestions received from various programmes held in 38 different districts.

President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) Mahendra Bista and the committee chairman Khem Bhandari shared that the implementation status of the Working Journalists Act was poor and unsatisfactory

Source: ekantipur