Villages cut off after Rapti flood erodes road

Road connecting Phatepur, Gangapur and Mattahiyapur VDCs in Banke district has been eroded by the Rapti River, disrupting transportation services between those VDCs.

Flooding in the Rapti River that occurred earlier this month washed away the road at Phatepur VDC-1. The road was the only alternative route connecting the VDCs from Baghauda areas as Nepalgunj-Baghauda postal road construction work is yet to complete.
Due to the transportation blockade, locals of those VDCs are facing hassles in commuting as well as transporting goods of daily needs. According to them, the erosion caused by Rapti flooding two weeks ago has rendered the road unfit for bicycles and motorbikes.

Some 5,000 locals from Phatepur, Gangapur and Matahiya VDCs are at risk due to the erosion by the Seti River. One of the farmers, Mubarak Ali Mukari, of Gangapur VDC-6, informed that wards four, five, six and seven of Phatepur and all the wards of Gangapur and Matahiya VDCs will be inundated if steps are not taken to stop the erosion at the earliest.

“The river is changing its course toward the agriculture lands and human settlements. But no efforts have been made so far to control the erosion,” said Mukari.

According to Barkat Ali, another local of Phatepur, the Rapti River has been eroding the areas of Phatepur VDC on a daily basis since the last two weeks. He informed that the floods in the Rapti River will submerge the houses in the villages if there is heavy rainfall.

Political leaders and stakeholders lambasted the local government authority for their lack of concerns to their problems.

Meanwhile, Rajan KC, an engineer for embankment project in Nepalgunj, said that budget for repair and maintenance work cannot be allocated immediately following the end of the last fiscal year.

“The repair work can be started only after the release of the budget for the new fiscal year,” KC added.

Source: MyRepublica