Victims kick start rebuilding works

Victims kick start rebuilding works

The thought that they would one day have to live out in the open, in tents or under makeshift structures made out of corrugated metal sheets had never crossed the minds of locals from the Tamang settlement in Dandagaun, Chattredeurali VDC even in their wildest dreams.

However, the Great Earthquake on April 25 changed all that, compelling them to live the nightmare they never had.

With all of around 30 households destroyed, Sundarbasti wears a deserted look. However, despite the devastation and loss of life and property that has had the whole settlement in mourning after losing five lives to the quake, locals have not been sitting idle grieving and are instead busy constructing makeshift structures using corrugated metal sheets.

While some have been busy constructing makeshift camps capable of accommodating a number of households, others can be seen constructing individual camps for their families.

Working in a coordinated manner, women and elderly are busy salvaging food supplies from under the rubble of their houses while others ferry them to the makeshift structures built at a safe location.

As most youths from the settlement have migrated abroad seeking better opportunities, the remaining males can be seen busy constructing makeshift houses and structures for shelter.

“We did not receive any relief immediately after the quake, and although the limited number of tents provided by various organisations can be used to safeguard the food supplies, it is simply not enough to address our problems,” complained local Santa Bahadur Tamang, who was found fitting the corrugated metal sheets in makeshift structures.

“We had taken it upon ourselves to rebuild our settlement as we were tired of waiting for relief,” Tamang added. Relief materials had reached the settlement only six days after the disaster.

Due to their concerted effort, the locals have already constructed around 30 makeshift structures. Likewise, they have used hoarding boards used for advertising as walls for toilets.

Waiting for relief materials, tents

eanwhile, locals from Tamang settlement along the roads have made the road their homes while waiting for the relief .

Although corrugated metal sheets from houses destroyed by the quake lies scattered everywhere, locals have been waiting for relief materials such as plastic sheets and tents.

Apparently, locals had refrained from using the corrugated metal sheets to build makeshift homes thinking that they would not get compensation unless the concerned authorities conducts damage assessment.

Meanwhile, children have started suffering from constipation after consuming large amounts of uncooked noodles and biscuits.

Source: eKantipur