Vegetables rotting in fields due to rains

BAJURA: Much to the dismay of farmers, intermittent rainfall since the third week of June has caused root vegetables to rot in Bajura villages.

Farmers involved in large-scale vegetable farming have been affected most. “We have not even collected the vegetables from the field,” said Lal Rokaya, a local.

“Not only have incessant rains destroyed vegetables, but we haven’t been able to carry whatever little produce we thought of taking to the market because of damaged roads. We cannot travel on the damaged roads to take vegetables for sale,” said Laxmi Rokaya, another farmer. 

Bom Bahadur Budha, a vegetable farmer, said he could not bring vegetables from Dhangadi as the road has been blocked.

The rains have doubled the woes of farmers, mainly in Rajali, Budhiganga’s Jadanga, Olena, and Rapaka of Martadi. 

Locals have complained of lack of quality vegetables in the market, especially pumpkin, tomatoes and chilli. 

Source: THT