Vegetable prices down on supply surge

Vegetable prices down on supply surge

Vegetables prices have come down in the capital over the past couple of weeks, thanks to surge in supplies.

Binaya Shrestha, senior planning officer at Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board, said supplies of tomato, cabbage and bitter gourd, among others, have increased as this happens to be major harvesting season for these vegetables.

According to the board, the market is currently receiving 800 tons of vegetables a day, compared to 750 tons a day two weeks ago.

Prices of tomato, pointed gourd and cabbage have come down by Rs 11, Rs 7 and Rs 18 per kg, respectively, to Rs 21, Rs 17 and Rs 40.

Similarly, price of cow pea has come down by Rs 8 per kg to Rs 40, while bitter gourd is selling at Rs 40 per kg compared to Rs 47 per kg recorded a fortnight ago. Snake gourd and broccoli are selling at Rs 47 and Rs 87 per kg, down by Rs 11 and Rs 10 per kg, respectively.

However, prices of radish brinjal, green peas, French bean and mushroom have gone up. While mushroom has become dearer by Rs 43 per kg to Rs 167, prices of French bean and brinjal have gone up by Rs 19 per kg and Rs 3 per kg, respectively, to Rs 67 and Rs 23 per kg.

Similarly, prices of green peas and radish have increased by Rs 15 per kg and Rs 3 per kg, respectively, to Rs 58 and Rs 24 per kg.

Source: myrepublica