Veg price up on soaring demand

Veg price up on soaring demand

With life in Kathmandu Valley gradually returning to normalcy, the demand for vegetables has increased significantly in recent days pushing prices higher.

Vegetables price has increased by as much as 73 percent in the wholesale market over the past week.

According to Kalimati Fruits and Market Development Board, price of most of the sought after vegetables like potato, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, radish, French bean, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, mustard leaf and mushroom, among others have, increased during the period.
“Demand for vegetables is increasing as majority of valley denizens, who returned to their villages after the April 25 earthquake, are returning back,” Binaya Shrestha, senior planning officer of the board, told Republica. “Though demand is picking up, supply has started falling. It has resulted in rise in price of some vegetables.”

According to Shrestha, Kalimati Vegetables Market is receiving an average of 550 tons of vegetables these days, up from average daily arrivals of 650 tons compared to a week ago. “This time is off-season for production of some vegetables. Similarly, supply from Tarai districts has been affected due to scorching heat,” he added.

Price of cabbage, cauliflower, French bean, bitter gourd and mustard leaf has increased significantly over the period. While price of cauliflower has increased by Rs 25 per kg to Rs 63, French bean has become dearer by Rs 14 per kg to Rs 33 and cabbage by Rs 5 per kg to Rs 13. Similarly, price of bitter gourd and mustard leaf has gone up by Rs 11 per kg and Rs 10 per kg, respectively, to Rs 30 and Rs 43.

Potato and onion has also become dearer with their price rising by Rs 4 per kg and Rs 3 per kg, respectively, to Rs 15 and Rs 41. Bottle gourd and snake gourd are also selling for higher price of Rs 22 and Rs 21 per kg respectively. Price of mushroom has increased by Rs 18 per kg to Rs 155.

However, price of tomato has come down by Rs 10 per kg to Rs 48.

Source: Myrepublica