VAW cases up substantially

VAW cases up substantially

Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) today said the cases of Violence Against Women have gone up substantially in the post-earthquake scenario with the establishment of sheds, huts, public shelters and absence of female-friendly spaces in communities.

In the period of mid-June to mid July, WOREC documented a total of 270 cases of VAW. Of which, 15 cases have been documented in newspapers, whereas 255 cases were recorded by WOREC in its working districts.

Like in previous month, Central Development Region witnessed highest number of VAW cases with 119, followed by Eastern Development Region (100), Mid -Western Region (18), Far-Western Region (18) and Western Region (15). VAW cases recorded on the basis of types of violence revealed that 145 women and girls were subjected to suffering from domestic violence, 22 of them are rape survivors and five are survivors of attempt to rape. WOREC also recorded four cases of murder, eight cases of trafficking, 47 cases of beating, 20 cases of sexual violence and 19 cases of social violence.

The domestic violence topped the VAW cases followed by beating.The relationship status between the survivors and alleged perpetrators also indicates that husbands account for highest VAW cases, with 58 per cent of the total alleged perpetrators, followed by neighbours with 17 per cent, 15 per cent are family members, five per cent are friends, while others account for five per cent of total

VAW cases, according to monthly VAW report.“Women are not safe at any place. Neither home is safe for women and girls, nor the neighbourhood and working places. They are even not secure with the people they spend most of their time with. It has become a challenge for women and girls to live in their own homes and society with full dignity and enjoy all human rights, as they become survivors of violence from those with whom they share intimacy,” stated the report.

Source: THT