US to provide $70 mln to Nepal for disaster resilience

The United States’ Embassy in Nepal on Wednesday announced three new programmes with up to US Dollar 70 million to help Nepali communities recover from natural disasters. 

According to the Embassy, the projects will be implemented through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). 

The Embassy said two additional projects will be launched focusing on resilience from natural disasters besides the US Dollar 70 million-worth ‘Community Resilience Programme’. 

The American Embassy will spend around US Dollar 500,000 in ‘Innovative Early Warning Flooding System’ and around US Dollar 100,000 in ‘Science and Technology Competition for Resilience.’ 

The American mission had announced the support at a Resilience Summit organised in Kathmandu. 

Speaking at the Summit, US Ambassador Peter W Bodde, said, “Resilience is essential if we are to win the fight against poverty.”

“We know we cannot prevent floods and landslides,” said the Ambassador, “but we can work much harder and more strategically to ensure these shocks don’t devastate families or set back hard-won development gains.”

Speaking at the function, Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission (NPC) Govinda Pokhrel said that the Government of Nepal also sees disaster sees resilience as “a vital framework to help alleviate poverty and promote more sustainable development, lessening the impacts of disasters.”

The Summit had brought together government officials and development experts to look for new models to solve complex and interrelated challenges including extreme poverty, food security, and climate shocks. 

Source: THT