Update: 249 dead, 252 missing, 153 injured in floods, landslides

In the flood and landslide incidents across the country, 249 people have died, 252 are missing and 153 are wounded, while the destruction amounts to more than Rs 470 million as of now, says the Home Ministry.

Flood and landslide have affected 41 districts. Most of the destructions have been recorded in Sindhupalchowk district, as 50 have died there and the number of missing is 124.

Likewise, in Surkhet, 34 have died and 91 are missing and in Bardiya, 27 have died and 12 are missing. In Dang and Banke, 15 people each have died.

A total of 16169 families have been displaced, says the National Emergency Work Performance Centre.

Various organizations have donated more than RS 250 million to the Prime Minister’s Central Natural Disaster Relief Fund. However, Rs 96.6 million has been released and only Rs 26.6 million has been distributed to the flood and landslide victims, so far.

The government has been alleged of being slow in distributing relief to the victims. On this, the government officials admit that there is some delay in their works.

“Government work is unlike an NGO work where a single man takes the decision, as we have to accomplish so many processes and that’s why there is certain level of delay,” the government officials say.

Various NGOs including Nepal Red Cross, Save the Children, Oxfam, Care Nepal, etc have focused their relief distribution works on mostly affected people, pregnant women and children.

Despite efforts from the government and NGOs to provide relief to the victims, a sustainable solution to their plight still appears as a distant dream.

Source: Nepalnews