Uniform for public transport drivers in the offing

The government is mulling over a new strategy to reduce the alarming rate of accidents that will see uniforms being made compulsory for public transport drivers and their assistants.

The Ministry of Physical Planning and Transport is set to enforce the new rule in view of the daily occurrence of road accidents. “If uniform is made compulsory for drivers and their assistants they would not be able to drink liquor in tavern which will help reduce accidents caused by intoxication,” said Joint Secretary Rabindra Shrestha, who is also the chief of Construction and Transport Division at the Ministry.

“The Ministry is also looking to efficiently manage the transport sector through regular monitoring by increasing the number of employees,” he added.

Shrestha also confided that the lack of staff had made it difficult to enforce the new public transport fare rate.

In the wake of increasing number of road mishaps, the Ministry proposed to amend the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Rules, 2054 which the Cabinet endorsed.

Shrestha said the government was preparing to issue a public notice in relation to the amendment in the gazette.

“We are also planning to bring out two sorts of license –commercial and non commercial –and a provision requiring grade ten qualification for those wanting commercial license,” Joint Secretary Shrestha said. Qualification is not required for those steering private vehicles.

Source: THT