‘Under 30 can apply for UK residency’

‘Under 30 can apply for UK residency’

The United Kingdom government has declared its new policy, allowing settlement rights to the former Gurkha soldiers’ children up to 30 years.

Earlier, the UK granted the settlement right only to those children of ex- Gurkha soldiers who were either born in the country or were below 18 years.

In a letter to Chairman Jackie Doyle-Price of the all party Cabinet committee holding an enquiry into all issues regarding the Gurkha resettlement, Minister for Immigration and Security James Brokenshire informed about the latest decision, stating that the provision envisioned for the retired British Gurkha s will not be applicable in case of other relatives other than the children of former Gurkha soldiers. Brokenshire stated that many adults could benefit from the provision.

The Gurkha Satyagraha Joint Struggle Committee has welcomed the decision. “It’s a significant achievement and we will soon be starting the process to call our children,” said Gyan

Raj Rai, coordinator of the committee.

The decision was also hailed by the Gurka Ex-Servicemen Organisation (Gaeso). “We will extend all necessary cooperation to the British government to fulfil the requirement it needs to implement the policy,” Gaeso said in a statement.

Source: eKantipur