Two new species of birds found in Chitwan

The counting of bird nests has been completed in Chitwan. The counting was done to find the status of birds migrating in during the summer for breeding.

The counting had begun last week at the initiatives of the Bird Education Society, Chitwan and with the participation of various organizations.

In course of the counting, the nests of 250 species of birds were tracked around the Chitwan National Park area, President of the Society Basu Bidari said. According to him, the number of nests has significantly increased now compared to last year.

A new species of bird was found inside the Chitwan National Park this time in course of the counting. This bird is identified as Phusre Bhuin Robin, said ornithologist Tika Giri.

With this, two new species of birds were found in Chitwan in course of the counting of nest this time.

Sometimes back, the Kashmir Flycatcher (Kashmir Arjunak) bird was found in Sauraha. This rare bird was not sighted for 10 years in the area. The number of species of birds in Chitwan has reached 628 including the new species. RSS

Source: Myrepublica