Two killed in Nawalparasi bus-bike collision

Two persons were killed when a bus and a motorcycle collided in Nawalparasi on Saturday evening.

Two persons riding on the motorcycle died when their two-wheeler was hit by a bus (Na 3 Kha 571) in a forest between Lokaha and Kawasoti of the district.

The biker and pillion rider were seriously injured in the incident and both succumbed to injuries while being rushed to Bharatpur for treatment, police said.

Identity of the deceased is yet to be established.

The two-wheeler’s registration number is also not known yet.

Both vehicles reduced to ashes

Meanwhile, a fire erupted during the collision gutted both vehicles.

Nawalpur Area Police post said the fire was detained by a fire engine called from Chitwan.

Traffic movement along the road was disrupted briefly due to the fire.

Tractor driver killed

In another case, a 42-year-old man died while the tractor he was driving met with an accident in Guthi Prasauni of the district today.

Ram Dayal Koiri from Guthi Suryapura-4 was killed when the tractor (Lu 1 Ta 1877) met with the accident in Piparpati of Guthi Prasauni.

Source: THT