TU‚ HSEB’s delay in results troubles students

It is an old habit of the country’s oldest and largest university – Tribhuvan University (TU) – to delay publishing results. And this problem seems to be hanging on every passing year.

Not only the students are bothered by this perennial problem, but it has also made their parents desperate.

This old disease has now caught the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) too, adding to the worries of the students and the parents alike for it not only causes inconvenience to the students in getting admissions to colleges, but also a further agony to students applying for studies at foreign colleges and universities.

The delay in publishing the examinations results is also causing great many difficulties to the university and the higher secondary schools as well as they have to cope up with more number of students studying in the same level in a single year.

It has also raised a question on entire education system of the country.

It takes three to four years to complete a two-year course due to the delay in publishing results.

It has become like a common practice at TU to delay the publication of the examination results from eight months to one year.

For instance, TU has still not published the results of the Bachelor’s level examinations it conducted in mid-May to mid-July, putting the students who want to join the Masters level studies in limbo.

So are the students who appeared in the complementary examinations of the Bachelor’s level second year conducted from mid-May to mid-July this year. These students are still waiting for the results.

The students, who are waiting for the results of grade 11, are in utter dilemma after the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) did not publish the result so far.

A guardian Shyam Krishna KC said that it was a serious negligence of the HSEB for not publishing the results for eight months.

KC further said that such negligence in publishing results has made most of the guardians worried.

Delay in publishing the results of grade 11 has made the students, who have passed the grade 12 and are waiting for the result of supplementary examinations of grade 11, more worried whether they can get admission in Bachelor’s level.

Different universities have started classes of Bachelor’s level about a month ago.

Though the HSEB had conducted examinations of grade 11 from the second week of June till the last week of the same month, it has delayed to publish the results as the Office of the Controller of Examinations was padlocked for one and half month from 30 June, said Examination Controller Durga Aryal.

The Office has expedited works to publish the results after the padlock was lifted, he added.

Aryal said, “Final preparation is on to publish the results. The results will be published within a few days.” –

Source: THT