Truck, tipper operators warn of nationwide transport strike

Truck and tipper operators have threatened to stage a nationwide transport strike if the government tries to suppress their peaceful protest programs.

Criticizing the government move to suppress their peaceful protest at Tinkune on Friday, they said loaded trucks and tippers would block traffic movement across the country if the government used force to disperse peaceful protesters. 

Truck and tipper entrepreneurs have been staging protest in different parts of the capital city since past few days to protest the government ban on operation of crusher industries.

“The government on Friday used force to disperse peaceful protesters and also arrested some of our colleagues,” Sher Bahadur Kunwar, vice president of Bagmati Tipper Entrepreneurs Association, said, adding “We will intensify our protest and halt transport service nationwide if our colleagues are not released at the earliest.”

Terming the government act as anti-democratic, Kunwar said the government was turning a deaf ear to their demands instead of taking initiative to resolve them.

Yadhav Lal Shrestha, coordinator of Truck and Tipper Division under the Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs (FNNTE), said the government ban on operation of crusher industries has halted construction activities throughout the country and rendered trucks and tipper operators jobless. 

“We will launch series of protest if the government did not release our friends, who were arrested on Friday, at the earliest,” added Shrestha.

Source: Republica