Tripureshwar-Kalanki road set to become six-lane

Tripureshwar-Kalanki road set to become six-lane

The government is set to upgrade the Tripureshwar-Kalanki road to six lanes and the Kalanki-Nagdhunga road section to four lanes by the end of this fiscal year, according to officials. Currently, both the roads are just two lanes.

“We are going to widen the road sections by the end of the current fiscal year for which demolition of the houses built alongside the road encroaching on government land would be completed within this fiscal year,” said Prabhat Kumar Jha, chief of Kathmandu Valley Road Improvement Project (KVRIP) of the Department of Roads (DoR).

In a bid to demolish illegal structures along the road section, KVRIP and Kathmandu Valley Development Authority (KVDA), an authority responsible for widening the roads in the Valley, have already started to develop a work plan.

“The government aims to complete all the works related to road expansion in the Valley within the next three years. In order to meet the target, we must clear the road by the end of the fiscal year,” said Jha.

The DoR has decided to expand the road section from its current width of 16 meters to 22 meters, making the road six lanes.

“Currently, the road section consists of 12 meters wide paved road and 2 meters wide footpath on both sides. But after the expansion, the stretch will have 18 meters wide road and footpaths of 2 meters width on either side,” said Jha.

“Clearing roads is indeed a huge challenge in a busy market area. Within this fiscal year, we are going to complete the demolition of all illegal structures that come in the way of expansion work,” said Yogeshwar Krishna Parajuli, development commissioner at KVDA.

Once the work plan is finalized, the KVDA will start marking the buildings and ask building owners to demolish their buildings within a certain time period. The authority will be forced to tear down the buildings after the deadline given to the owners expires, he added.

The road section is being widened in line with the standards set for roads of the Valley under the Town Development Implementation Act-2029. As per the standard, roads in the Valley can be expanded up to a width of 25 meters.

Parajuli said the KVDA will provide a certain amount to the owners whose houses will be demolished. Since the road expansion work started in the Valley in December 2011 during the Baburam Bhattarai-led government, around 180 kilometers of the road in the Valley have been expanded. The government aims to expand additional 120 kilometers of roads within the next three years. Similarly, the KVRIP and KVDA have also decided to widen the two-lane Kalanki-Nagdhunga road section, another busiest road section of the Valley, to four lanes by the end of the fiscal year. The two-lane road is currently 7-meter wide and there is no footpath.

“We have decided to expand the road section up to 22 meters. The road will have sidewalks on both sides. There will be 2-meter wide green belt down the middle of the road,” said Jha, chief of KVRIP.

Source: Republica