Triplet docs want their names in Guinness Record Book

Triplet docs want their names in Guinness Record Book

Three men today claimed they were the first triplets to become medical doctors at the same time and said they wanted to claim a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

They said that triplets studying together from Nursery to MBBS and becoming doctors is a rare case, thus this should be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dr Saugat Devkota, Dr Saujan Devkota and Dr Sauraj Devekota were born in Parasnagar in Bharatpur Municipality in Chitwan to Shiva Prasad Devkota and Shakuntala Devkota on September 22, 1999. Each baby was born with a gap of eight minutes in the morning.

The triplets were then admitted in Kathmandu Thali-based Mount Everest Boarding School in nursery school. They passed School Leaving Certificate exam with distinction from the same school. After SLC, they joined Maitighar-based St Xavier’s College for Intermediate level in Science (ISc)

The triplets were then confused as to what to study after completion of Intermediate level.

Dr Saugat said, “One of us wanted to study medicine while another wanted to study engineering but since we had studied in the same class and same school from pre-primary level to intermediate level and we had similar attitudes, we decided to join MBBS.”

The triplets then got admitted in Attarkhel-based Nepal Medical College for MBBS studies. Currently they are doing internship in the hospital run by NMC.

Dr Saujan said, “We wanted to be good doctors and help the people in remote areas to ensure their right to health services.”

Their parents are also proud that their sons have achieved success simultaneously.

Shiva said it is very rare that twins, triplets or quadruplets have the same education and same ambitions. “Triplets are common, but their studies in the same field and success at the same time is rare,” he said, adding, “Thus their names should be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records to tell the world about their success story.” He said, “My sons have been successful in every step of their lives. All three of them are equally talented and hard working.”

He said he wanted his sons to stay in the country and help the needy and helpless people in remote areas to provide them good health service and save their lives.

Their mother Shakuntala is very happy with the success of her sons. “Success of my sons has helped me forget all the suffering I underwent rearing them.”

Source: THT