Traffic partially resumes along Arniko Highway

Traffic partially resumes along Arniko Highway

Vehicular movement along the Dolalghat-Khadichaur section of Arniko Highway , disrupted after the burst of artificial dam of Sunkoshi River, resumed on Monday.

The sunken section of the highway was filled with dirt and gravel to resume the traffic. Movement of heavy vehicles, however, has still been halted.

Dolakha Road Division Engineer Dasharath Yadav informed that the highway was resumed partially after some repair works.

The highway had cracked in several places after the water level in the blocked Sunkoshi River plunged by some 18 meters after the dam burst early Sunday morning. The flow of water along the river was blocked by a massive landslide on August 2.

The highway has suffered multiple damages and cracked at various places after the dam burst.

Source: eKantipur