Traffic campign to ensure reserved seats

Traffic police have re-launched their campaign to secure reserved seats for women, disabled and senior citizens in public transport. Starting Monday, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Department (MTPD) intensified check in the public vehicles to facilitate the reserved seats.

The public vehicles will now be regularly monitored, according to MTPD spokesperson Basant Pant. “If we find anyone violating the seat regulations, we educate them and request them to give priority to women and the disabled,” he said. “We also expect the passengers themselves to demand for their assigned seats.”
The MTPD has also urged the drivers and conductors to give priority to women, disabled and senior citizens to use the reserved seats.

The Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act 1993 makes it mandatory for public transport entrepreneurs to reserve a certain number of seats for women, disabled and elderly people. Under the act, every public bus must allocate six seats each for women and disabled people‚ while smaller vehicles like microbuses must allocate two seats each for the purpose.

Source: eKantipur