Top leaders stick to seven-province model

Top leaders stick to seven-province model

Top leaders of four major political parties on Saturday evening agreed to continue with the seven-province model. However, they have decided not to divide Baglung district in the federal setup and place it in Province 4.

As per the earlier deal among parties, eastern part of the Baglung district was placed in be in the Province no. 4 while the western part was included in the Province no. 5.

According to UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, major parties are for not making any change in earlier model of federalism.

The decision of the major parties is likely to fuel agitations in different parts of the country demanding change in demarcation of provinces.

Likewise, parties decided to continue secularism in the new constitution with explanation, leader Nepal said.

Moreover, accord has been reached to exclude threshold and to create constitutional bench in court instead of forming a constitutional court.

Source: MyRepublica