Three die during Yarshagumba hunt

Three die during Yarshagumba hunt

Three Yarsagumba pickers died of extreme cold in the highland area of Dolpa district .

The deceased have been identified as Krishna Bahadur Bohara, 45, of Gothichaur from Jumla, nine-month-old boy Bijaya Aidi, of Rimi VDC from Dolpa, and Maghi Bohara of Jajarkot district.

They died of severe cold increased since the last few days, said Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Khanal of Dolpa district.

Maghi was rushed to Surkhet for treatment after she suffered from acute cold but died while undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, some people who reached the highland meadows to pick Yarsagumba , the valuable caterpillar fungus, began to return after many people started suffering from cold related diseases. The number of patients in the highlands could not be determined as the area is beyond the access for the communication.

As many as 47,000 people have registered their names with the police while many others are reported to have reached the highlands via various other points in an illegal way. RSS

Source: eKantipur