Thamkharka Airport in Khotang to be blacktopped

The Thamkharka Airport located in Khotang district is to be blacktopped soon. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has allocated over Rs 92.5 million for the purpose.

The CAAN is preparing to announce the tender bid for the job. Though the detailed survey of the airport was made last year, the construction work is yet to be materialized.
Though the flights to and from the airport began since 2056 BS, it was halted from June 30 this year due to rainfall.

Lawmaker representing from the district, Bishal Bhattarai, informed that thousands of people in the southern belt of the district have suffered due to flights disruption.

He added that the flights would resume after the blacktop of the airport. The residents of 20 VDCs in the district and as well as from Bhojpur district would be directly benefited once the airport comes into operation. RSS

Source: MyRepublica